Monday, 31 January 2011

Get Super Sassy for Spring Summer 2011!

Beauty for 2011
Impact lips seen in Paris Fashion Week with...


Word from Milan? Girls get your geek on...D-Squared loves it!!

Get the look:
·         Oversized ‘boyfriend’ shirt
·         Shorts
·         Brogues
·         Tweed trilby
and of course...
·         Geeky, oversized glasses.
The perfect accessory for your new geek chic look...??

And the key looks for this season...?
Looks from the orient are hitting the catwalks and soon the streets of NYC, Paris and London. Will you be brave enough to try this enigmatic eastern look?

Bright young things- think juicy jewels when trying out this look, emeralds, sapphires and rubies...not green, blue and red!! This look is all about the quality of the fabric and how vivacious the colours are.

Dare to bare in naughty nude? This seasons sexy is all about soft laying with nude tones- mixing up silks and chic chiffons.  

Last blog, Thierry Mugler was my absolute inspiration! This blog it HAS to be the incredible Viktor and Rolf. These sensational structural couture pieces are mind blowing in their beauty! The pure white garments are true fashion sculptures, moving away from the softer draping seen in most other designers collections this season.
Serious label lust....x

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Is fashion art?

The debate as to whether fashion is an art form is argued by many. But surely even the most anti fashionista can see the creative genius that goes into a couture collection? Some argue that it can be seen as applied art, but are fashion shows becoming performance art? The link below is of Thierry Mugler’s Paris fashion show, with the new creative director Nicola Formichetti's first menswear show.
Thierry Mugler is probably best known to most as the creator or ‘Angel’ perfume. His beautiful designs are loved by Lady Gaga who owns several variations of the stunning origami dress. The relationship with the gaga Gaga started with Formichetti working as her personal stylist.

Seen on Lady Gaga

Fellow designers like John Galliano have also created such exquisite pieces, seen below is his Haute Couture collection celebrating his 10th year designing for Dior, and the fashion houses 60th birthday.

Fashion is not only a means of personal expression, or an art form, it can be looked back on by historians to see how society has changed. In the 1940’s fabric rations and the banning of Japanese silk meant fashion had to have a rethink.
This is my blog on Fashion...past, present and future. I decided to stop thinking about writing a blog and actually write one. So here goes, read on for my thoughts on Spring 2011.